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calmbox has been around since 2015 and has delivered over 75,000+ calm-boosting boxes to our wonderful subscribers.
We've been featured in Parade, the New York Times, Oprah Magazine, Insider, Healthline, USA Today and many more publications.
The "best stress-reducing subscription box". - Healthline
"If you’re dealing with stress and looking for a little help these days, calmbox might just be the answer." - USA Today
A "seriously calming subscription". - Insider Magazine
Don't just take our word for it - here's what our amazing subscribers have said about calmbox.
I received my first calmbox today and it is awesome! I especially loved the aromatherapy items that included the candle, incense, and soap bar. It also came with a full length book about self-meditation! I am so glad I signed up!
This is my first box and I love everything I received!! 5-star rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for well-curated!
Happiness is coming home to find a new @thecalmbox.
I absolutely love subscription boxes, and this one has been so fun!
Every day that a calmbox arrives is instantly uplifted!
I absolutely LOVE the calmbox. It’s so wonderful for taking the day’s stress off, and keeps me remembering to live the “zen life”! One of my favorite subscription boxes by far :)
I just got my calmbox and I'm in love. My favorite box ever, not even close!
I am so happy I finally signed up for @thecalmbox!
from @ginniejo on Instagram
I love it 💜. Warm eye masks, mandala coloring book, gummy bears, book about breathing..... it's perfect!
Such a great service. I always enjoy the goodies 😁
from @stinuh09 on Instagram
I can't wait for my calmbox to arrive each month!
I’ve tried many monthly subscription boxes & I have to say I am very impressed with this one! I loved everything!
It's always an amazing day when a new calmbox arrives!
Just received my first @thecalmbox in the mail, and I am so excited to try all these new goodies!
Love #thecalmbox and how it helps me in my journey toward #mindfulness.
I received my first calmbox this month, and it was exactly what I was hoping for. I loved everything in the box!
My #thecalmbox delivery came!! So many treats to explore! Thanks @thecalmbox ✨🌟✨
My favorite monthly subscription.
calmbox never disappoints. From candles and lotions to essential oils and books, this box provides me with everything I need to live a calm and relaxed life 😊
My first @thecalmbox got delivered today - perfect timing!
from @xtinepalacios on Instagram
My #calmbox was on point this month! I was so excited to open it up and find all this!!!
I finally got my monthly #calmbox and I’m so in love with everything inside, this is exactly what I needed today and I’m feeling so blessed 💖
I was given the calmbox as a gift last month and everything inside was amazing. I'd definitely recommend it.
This calmbox is hands down one of the best subscription boxes I've ever had! 😍😍
from @beckyjessie on Instagram
This month's #calmbox. I'm really digging it!!
from @stinuh09 on Instagram
The June @thecalmbox arrived this week and I’m in love with the contents this month.
I love @thecalmbox, this is exactly what I needed after the day I had. I’d definitely recommend this.
from @meganyounervous on Instagram
Every box I receive gives me a whole new set of of tools and guides to help me de-stress. I adore calmbox!
So stoked to get my first #calmbox!! Looked forward to opening this all day!
from @borahjo on Instagram
Got my first @thecalmbox today, it put a smile on my face!
Every month we gather around during lunch and open up @thecalmbox 🧘‍♀️
Exactly what I need to help me detox physically and mentally for my #selfcaresummer
from @familyof3pluscharlie on Instagram
Thank you to the “secret admirer” who sent this today. Love it.
One of my favorite birthday gifts.
Such a relaxing box. I’m practically waiting by the door every month!
Mailbox surprise! It’s just what I needed today!!
from @offexploring21 on Instagram
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