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I received my first calmbox today and it is awesome! I especially loved the aromatherapy items that included the candle, incense, and soap bar. It also came with a full length book about self-meditation! I am so glad I signed up!

I am so happy I finally signed up for @thecalmbox!

A great box to lift your spirits and stop to appreciate the little things. :)

Such a relaxing box. I’m practically waiting by the door every month!

I was given the calmbox as a gift last month and everything inside was amazing. I'd definitely recommend it.

I absolutely LOVE the calmbox. It’s so wonderful for taking the day’s stress off, and keeps me remembering to live the “zen life”! One of my favorite subscription boxes by far :)

I really enjoy the calm box. I've never received it with something opened and spilled, everything is neatly packaged and is stuff I would buy for myself if I knew I was looking for. There are sometimes some silly hokey stuff but it's fun to throw at friends. I've enjoyed this box so much I ordered another subscription for my mother for mother's day.

I received my first calmbox this month, and it was exactly what I was hoping for. I loved everything in the box!

Every box I receive gives me a whole new set of of tools and guides to help me de-stress. I adore calmbox!

calmbox never disappoints. From candles and lotions to essential oils and books, this box provides me with everything I need to live a calm and relaxed life 😊

I can't wait for my calmbox to arrive each month!

Every day that a calmbox arrives is instantly uplifted!

Happiness is coming home to find a new @thecalmbox.

My @thecalmbox just arrived so I think a night of relaxation is on the cards!

I got my first calmbox and it's full of so many wonderful goodies. I am loving everything in here.

I would strongly recommend calmbox to anyone who likes to meditate, or is hoping to become more mindful and would like to promote calmness within their life.

It's always an amazing day when a new calmbox arrives!

I definitely recommend this monthly subscription box <3

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