Thoughts about calmbox

“A great box to lift your spirits and stop to appreciate the little things. :) ”
“I am so happy I finally signed up for @thecalmbox!”
from @ginniejo
“Every day that a calmbox arrives is instantly uplifted!”
from @cojennwhite
“This month's Calmbox is fantastic. It's the second one I've gotten and I love it just as much as the first. ”
from @thelittlebitproject
“Happiness is coming home to find a new @thecalmbox.”
from @jlewnau
“They always know what to send and it arrives at just the right time.”
from @lapomerleau
“I definitely recommend this monthly subscription box <3”
from @crystaleyeses
“My @thecalmbox just arrived so I think a night of relaxation is on the cards!”
from @southerinlaw
“It's original, creative, and has the potential to help so many. I love the message behind this service.”
from @she_be_kalein_em at s.b.k-in.m
“It's always an amazing day when a new calmbox arrives!”
from @cojennwhite
“I got my first calmbox and it's full of so many wonderful goodies. I am loving everything in here.”
from @sogoshdarnbusy
“I would strongly recommend calmbox to anyone who likes to meditate, or is hoping to become more mindful and would like to promote calmness within their life. ”
from the Phight or Flight Project
“I received my first @thecalmbox in the mail today and I absolutely <3 it!!!”
from @thelittlebitproject
“The moment I opened this surprise, my senses were SO. HAPPY!”
from @ginniejo
“Just received my first #calmbox and am thrilled with all the amazing goodies! I'm feeling more relaxed already.”
from @cojennwhite
“It is fun to get something special one day a month :)”
from @jlewnau
“Wonderful box <3”
from @bushgem
“Tonight I received my first Calmbox. Perfect timing. It put a smile on my face.”
from @chantaalshaw
“A great subscription box to help bring a little calmness to our busy lives. ”
“My calmbox came in today. I'm super stoked about it!”
from @aligningstars on Instagram
“I love this box! I can’t believe this is their first box. It is so terrific!”
“I absolutely love the first calmbox!”
from @zenbrandi on Instagram
“This is truly a box that will help to invigorate your mind, body, and soul.”

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